We are bunch of Elite: Dangerous Commanders. We are not affiliated with Frontier Developments in any way. We have used in-game graphics because the game is what connects us together. Our Milky Way galaxy, where we trade, explore and fight, has billions of systems, but one very significant among them: Sol. The very system where everything started. The system with the planet Earth. We have decided to give our spare processor cycles to help the Earth…


Many years ago, many computer geeks around the world joined Seti@Home program. It was first popular distributed computing initiative. We didn’t find Aliens, but it has proved that the idea of using thousands of personal grade computers to process small chunks of data is a great way of saving supercomputer’s CPU time. Now the very similar processes are being used to help scientists solve problems in medicine, astronomy, physics, cryptology, etc. From many currently running projects we have chosen Folding@Home, medical research project working for example on cure for latest coronavirus outbreak.


All you need to do is install Folding@Home application and let it run on your computer. It will use your CPU and GPU resources to process medical data, to help analyse viruses structure, to help find cures and vaccines. There are many options you can set: to lend just few cores of your CPU, to use GPU when it’s idle only, or to run the data processing at full speed for an hour or two a day. Every few processor cycles help. So, if your mighty computer is not busy navigating around the Milky Way, let it do something for humanity. You may also do it if you have never left the Sol system 😉

o7 and… join us!

To become team member, set team number while registering into Folding@Home to 237502. Everything you need to know about Folding@Home project is available on their home page. If you also want to join us and become Elite:Dangerous commander, visit the Frontier Store.